Sound Healing

Sound healing therapy is called the Medicine of the future. It releases physical and emotional blockages promoting joy, peace and natural healing of the body.

Scientists have found that theta brain waves are an important element for healing the body, mind and spirit. The Tibetan bowls and the Gong activate these brain waves in our body. The organic vibrations of sound promote relaxation, improve memory, concentration, bring clarity and balance to the mind; improving the immune system, creativity and peace of mind.

Dr. Mitchell Gayor, a medical oncologist and hematologist, worked with the sound vibrations of Tibetan bowls on a scientific level with his cancer patients, being director of oncology at the Weill Cornell Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Gaynor says:

Sound can change our immune function. After singing or listening to certain forms of music, the level of Interluken-1, an index of your immune system, increases between 12 and a half and 15 percent. Not only that, about 20 minutes after listening to this kind of meditative music, immunoglobin levels in the blood increase significantly.

– Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Sound Healing Session Cost: Q400.00

Available Packages

Package with 3 therapy sessions: Q1,170.00

Package with 6 therapy sessions: Q2,190.00


Payment in cash, bank transfer (Banco Industrial) and credit card* (*additional surcharge apply).

Appointments are not transferable. Cancellation of any appointment must be made 24 hours before. When canceling the appointment, we do not offer a refund of the payment.

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"Health and sickness tune in"

-Dr. Mariale Rivers

"Health and sickness tune in"

- Dr. Mariale Rivers

Custom Protocols Menu:

Improved Relationships

Pet Therapy

Cell Detox

Brain Wave Relaxation

Mental detoxification (mental re-programming)


Chakras energy balance

Shamanic Journey

Gong bath

Some Benefits of Sound Healing:

Releases stress and tension

Releases physical and emotional pain

Cell detoxification

Improves sleep disorder

Improves digestive system

Regulates blood pressure

Gives energy and vitality

Improves anxiety and depression

Increases memory and concentration

Improves the immune system

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